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QB Carousel 2018

On DDFP Podcast 620, 30th November 2017 Shek predicted that from March 1st 2018 (although Jimmy G is up for debate) until week 1 2018 there will be 10 changes in the Starting/Primary Quaterback among NFL teams.

If he is right, Matt Money Smith, Handsome Hank and Cythia Frelund will take Shek for a meal at every NFL event they attend together in the 2018 season.

If not, Shek loses a digit.




New QBs in the NFL in 2018:

Man holding blank sign in field Buffalo-Bills download (1) Flag1024-300x225 Broncos jets Cards chiefs washington vikings eagles

= 8, plus one of these two:

equals 9- means Shek loses ONE finger

(even though he lost two!)